Speed Skating

We have been speed skating for over 13 years. We have put in thousands and thousands of hours of work on the ice, off the ice, in the gym, on the bike and in our running shoes.

After being named to the National team in July 2016, we raced in our first World Cup in November 2016 against the top skaters in the world. We continued to race on the international circuit all year in competitions such as the World Junior Championships, European Championships and the World Championships. We now have our eyes set on the 2018 Winter Olympics as we hope to qualify for them by placing top 32 in the entire world in the four World Cups from September to November 2018.

We have combined our own training with dozens of other coaches, skaters and athletes to build the best and most efficient workouts for you to do off ice. No matter your age, skill level or equipment you have, we will have a program for you!

This being said - we have learned what it takes to be a top level speed skater. If you would like our training programs so that you can work on becoming an international level speed skate please click here for our speed skating workout plans!

or email us at contact@EPTworkout.com