Nutrition Tips for a Healthier Body

Eating healthy can be hard. We all have days where we just want to eat a family sized box of KD and watch Netflix. But with these quick nutrition tips you can start eating healthier today! You'll feel more energetic, have better skin, decrease chances of many diseases and a bunch more benefits!

Tip #1

Start your day with protein! You wake up after a nice sleep and you stomach is growling. You're interested in having some Nesquik cereal but you know that's not the healthiest option. When you wake up your body has been fasting for hours and hours. Your body is crazing muscle-repairing nutrients. Start your day off with a couple eggs, nuts or some cottage cheese plus a fruit and a coffee! This will keep you energized for the day and full until your next meal!

Tip #2

Split your lunch and dinner meals into thirds. One third of your meal should be protein, one third carbs and one third fruits/veggies. This is a super easy way to make sure your meal is balanced. You don't want to have a massive plate of pasta with have a chicken breast and no veggies....

Tip #3

Supplement with Vitamin D during the fall, winter and spring! Unless you live in an area where you get a ton of sun year round and you spend enough time outside to absorb it from the sun, you should seriously be taking Vitamin D every day. We live in Canada so we have a couple months of the year where it's sunny and warm all the time, so I don't spend my money on Vitamin D because I easily get it from the sun each day. But, once fall rolls around, days start to get cold and cloudy and I barely get exposure to the sun anymore. Some benefits of Vitamin D are decreasing your risk of getting heart diseases, multiple sclerosis and the flu. Vitamin D boosts weight loss and helps with DNA repair and metabolic processes. It's also super cheap!