Our favourite cheat meals...

Yes... it is true... we crave 'unhealthy' foods just as much as any human being! We try and limit how often we drink pop and go out and buy fast food for dinner, but sometimes we slip up!

Here is a picture from our dinner last Friday...

 BBQ Chicken Sandwich with fries and a Coke

BBQ Chicken Sandwich with fries and a Coke

We really respect and idolize people who manage to keep a super strict diet. Having a healthy and well-balanced diet contributes positively to controlling your weight, improving your mood, combating diseases, boosting your energy, and more. 

Always remember that a few slip ups in your diet plan isn't the worst thing that can happen. When cheat meals start to become an every day thing, that is when you have to turn around back into the right direction. 

What is your favourite cheat meal? Comment below!