The Next Month!


Over the next month, Sean and I will be traveling to 3 different continents and 5 different countries. Our total flight time is something I do NOT want to know.....

In just about two weeks, we will be flying from Toronto, Ontario to Seoul, South Korea for 10 days where we will be racing in a Speed Skating World Cup and the official 2018 Olympic Test event. The competition is held in Gangneung, South Korea at the arena that will hold the 2018 Olympics.

After that, we will return home for about 10 days before we fly to Dublin, Ireland on December 30th where we will be coaching a speed skating training camp for skaters in Ireland! This is our second year doing this and we are so excited to continually build speed skating as a sport in Ireland.

Once the camp is finished, on January 7th, Sean will fly home and go to school for a week but I will fly to Turin, Italy where I will compete in the European Championships. This is an important competition for me as I will look to finish in one of the top 32 spots in Europe. I will then fly home and quickly get back to school as I am missing a week while training and competing in Italy!

After me being back for a week, Sean will fly to Austria to compete in the World Junior Championships. This is going to such a cool experience for him and I know he can't wait for it! He will be the first ever Irish skater at the World Juniors.

Once that is done, I may meet Sean in Germany the next week for the next World Cup, although we have not set our schedule yet. If we are not, Sean will return home and we will prepare for our next competition in either February or March!