The Rock

Some people might look at Dwayne The Rock Johnson and think, "wow, he is so successful." People who say this are not wrong... but they are likely just thinking about the money and materials that the Rock has. 

Did you know he was arrested 9 (nine!) times before he was 17 years old? Did you know he played in the CFL? Did you know in 1995, he only had $7 in his pocket and THAT's ALL?

The Rock was cut from the Calgary Stampeders (Canadian Football League) two months into his 1995 season. With some connections from his family, he gained fame as he became a well-known wrestler in WWF/E. He is most known for his acting though, in his first leading film roleThe Scorpion King, he set a world record by signing a $5.5 million contract. From here.... he has been the leading role in a lot of successful movies.

Aside from all the money and cars and acting and everything he has. He still takes time to go out of his way to make people happy. He is very charismatic, and I personally think this is why he is so successful. Watch this Instagram video of him surprising fans and interacting with all types of people making their dreams come true! 

As many of you know, yesterday was our big #ForbesTakeover of the entire@Forbes Instagram account. Our idea was to have a "Master Class" of sorts where I would launch SEVEN PHILOSOPHIES that have helped build my career over the years as well as our production company@sevenbucksprod. Wanted to share my experiences so you guys can apply it to your own lives to chase your greatness and find your own personal success. Your responses around the globe were so cool and positive! I launched six posts, but before I could post the seventh and final one, the cowardly attack in Nice, France happened. This final video was meant to be posted last night with the title "PowerOfImpact. The idea that regardless of what we do for a living, what color we are or where we live in the world... the most powerful thing we can do - is be kind. I'm a physical kind of guy who believes in taking action when you want to get things done. Like so many of us when these tragedies happen around the world and here in the US - I get angry and my heart breaks for the victims and their families. But I always do my best to check my emotions and remember that one of the biggest impacts I/WE can have on this world is kindness. Let's all take action to be better and never forget the #PowerOfImpact. Stay strong ~ DJ

From following The Rock, I have learned that you can be so successful just by doing what you love. Money doesn't always deliver happiness. Impacting the lives of others positively, will always bring happiness. Like The Rock said, let's all take action to be better and never forget the #PowerOfImpact.

Sean McAnuff