PyeongChang 2018


Sean and I flew 11,000km's to Seoul and another 4 hour bus to PyeongChang to race in the official 2018 Winter Olympic test event and World Cup #4! It is so cool being exposed to different cultures and seeing the World while we travel and skate. The hotel was different than anything we had seen before. Everything was white and there were no chairs or couches, but we still enjoyed every minute of being there! 


Despite getting disqualified in the 1000m (Ryan) we both ended up with personal bests and Irish National records in the 500m and 1500m distances. Racing with the worlds best is like nothing else, and the experience from this competition was priceless. We both learned a lot and we were very happy with our placement and racing overall.  



The Next Month!


Over the next month, Sean and I will be traveling to 3 different continents and 5 different countries. Our total flight time is something I do NOT want to know.....

In just about two weeks, we will be flying from Toronto, Ontario to Seoul, South Korea for 10 days where we will be racing in a Speed Skating World Cup and the official 2018 Olympic Test event. The competition is held in Gangneung, South Korea at the arena that will hold the 2018 Olympics.

After that, we will return home for about 10 days before we fly to Dublin, Ireland on December 30th where we will be coaching a speed skating training camp for skaters in Ireland! This is our second year doing this and we are so excited to continually build speed skating as a sport in Ireland.

Once the camp is finished, on January 7th, Sean will fly home and go to school for a week but I will fly to Turin, Italy where I will compete in the European Championships. This is an important competition for me as I will look to finish in one of the top 32 spots in Europe. I will then fly home and quickly get back to school as I am missing a week while training and competing in Italy!

After me being back for a week, Sean will fly to Austria to compete in the World Junior Championships. This is going to such a cool experience for him and I know he can't wait for it! He will be the first ever Irish skater at the World Juniors.

Once that is done, I may meet Sean in Germany the next week for the next World Cup, although we have not set our schedule yet. If we are not, Sean will return home and we will prepare for our next competition in either February or March!

World Cup #1


Last week we flew to Calgary, Alberta, Canada to compete in our first World Cup! It was a whole other level compared to any competition we've been to. Private pickup at the airport, interviews, photo shoots, blood doping tests, and athlete ID cards to get anywhere.

Besides the cool perks, it was also an amazing week of racing for the both of us. I (Ryan) set a new Irish record in the 500m and the 1500m as well as getting new personal bests in both these distances. Sean set a new Irish record in the 1000m and also set personal bests in the 500m and 1000m. 

We are now training hard for the next month until we head to South Korea on December 10th! This is the next World Cup we are racing in and it's also the official Olympic test event. Everything is starting to come together it seems our hard work really is paying off. We are so excited for our future in speed skating. 

We we will be posting more photos soon! 


The Rock

Some people might look at Dwayne The Rock Johnson and think, "wow, he is so successful." People who say this are not wrong... but they are likely just thinking about the money and materials that the Rock has. 

Did you know he was arrested 9 (nine!) times before he was 17 years old? Did you know he played in the CFL? Did you know in 1995, he only had $7 in his pocket and THAT's ALL?

The Rock was cut from the Calgary Stampeders (Canadian Football League) two months into his 1995 season. With some connections from his family, he gained fame as he became a well-known wrestler in WWF/E. He is most known for his acting though, in his first leading film roleThe Scorpion King, he set a world record by signing a $5.5 million contract. From here.... he has been the leading role in a lot of successful movies.

Aside from all the money and cars and acting and everything he has. He still takes time to go out of his way to make people happy. He is very charismatic, and I personally think this is why he is so successful. Watch this Instagram video of him surprising fans and interacting with all types of people making their dreams come true! 

As many of you know, yesterday was our big #ForbesTakeover of the entire@Forbes Instagram account. Our idea was to have a "Master Class" of sorts where I would launch SEVEN PHILOSOPHIES that have helped build my career over the years as well as our production company@sevenbucksprod. Wanted to share my experiences so you guys can apply it to your own lives to chase your greatness and find your own personal success. Your responses around the globe were so cool and positive! I launched six posts, but before I could post the seventh and final one, the cowardly attack in Nice, France happened. This final video was meant to be posted last night with the title "PowerOfImpact. The idea that regardless of what we do for a living, what color we are or where we live in the world... the most powerful thing we can do - is be kind. I'm a physical kind of guy who believes in taking action when you want to get things done. Like so many of us when these tragedies happen around the world and here in the US - I get angry and my heart breaks for the victims and their families. But I always do my best to check my emotions and remember that one of the biggest impacts I/WE can have on this world is kindness. Let's all take action to be better and never forget the #PowerOfImpact. Stay strong ~ DJ

From following The Rock, I have learned that you can be so successful just by doing what you love. Money doesn't always deliver happiness. Impacting the lives of others positively, will always bring happiness. Like The Rock said, let's all take action to be better and never forget the #PowerOfImpact.

Sean McAnuff

A Typical Week of Training


We have a workout from 6:10pm until 7:10pm and then we train on the ice from 7:25pm until 8:30pm. The ice session focuses on technique.


We run or bike at 6:30am. We run and bike (yes... again) from 5:45pm until 7pm and then we are on the ice from 7:10pm until 8:45pm. The ice session is long grueling laps at a fast speed, building our lactic threshold!


We have a workout at 6:30am. We run or bike at night whenever we have an hour free.


We have skating from 7am to 8am. We have a workout from 6:45pm to 8pm and then we are on the ice for a speed practice from 8:20pm to 9:40pm.


We have a workout in the morning and if we aren't too exhausted we go for a run or a bike in the afternoon.


We have an on ice training session from 7am to 9:20am. We stretch.


Usually a workout, or an extra ice session, or a rest day if we are exhausted.


Nutrition Tips for a Healthier Body

Eating healthy can be hard. We all have days where we just want to eat a family sized box of KD and watch Netflix. But with these quick nutrition tips you can start eating healthier today! You'll feel more energetic, have better skin, decrease chances of many diseases and a bunch more benefits!

Tip #1

Start your day with protein! You wake up after a nice sleep and you stomach is growling. You're interested in having some Nesquik cereal but you know that's not the healthiest option. When you wake up your body has been fasting for hours and hours. Your body is crazing muscle-repairing nutrients. Start your day off with a couple eggs, nuts or some cottage cheese plus a fruit and a coffee! This will keep you energized for the day and full until your next meal!

Tip #2

Split your lunch and dinner meals into thirds. One third of your meal should be protein, one third carbs and one third fruits/veggies. This is a super easy way to make sure your meal is balanced. You don't want to have a massive plate of pasta with have a chicken breast and no veggies....

Tip #3

Supplement with Vitamin D during the fall, winter and spring! Unless you live in an area where you get a ton of sun year round and you spend enough time outside to absorb it from the sun, you should seriously be taking Vitamin D every day. We live in Canada so we have a couple months of the year where it's sunny and warm all the time, so I don't spend my money on Vitamin D because I easily get it from the sun each day. But, once fall rolls around, days start to get cold and cloudy and I barely get exposure to the sun anymore. Some benefits of Vitamin D are decreasing your risk of getting heart diseases, multiple sclerosis and the flu. Vitamin D boosts weight loss and helps with DNA repair and metabolic processes. It's also super cheap!

Our favourite cheat meals...

Yes... it is true... we crave 'unhealthy' foods just as much as any human being! We try and limit how often we drink pop and go out and buy fast food for dinner, but sometimes we slip up!

Here is a picture from our dinner last Friday...

BBQ Chicken Sandwich with fries and a Coke

BBQ Chicken Sandwich with fries and a Coke

We really respect and idolize people who manage to keep a super strict diet. Having a healthy and well-balanced diet contributes positively to controlling your weight, improving your mood, combating diseases, boosting your energy, and more. 

Always remember that a few slip ups in your diet plan isn't the worst thing that can happen. When cheat meals start to become an every day thing, that is when you have to turn around back into the right direction. 

What is your favourite cheat meal? Comment below!



Wow..... that was a busy week. But what other way would we want it? 

A common saying I here people say is TGIF (Thank God It's Friday). I do often say this myself at the end of a tiring week, but I find myself saying TGIM (Thank God It's Monday) a lot more often. I first heard this saying from Eric Thomas and his series called TGIM. 

The sun coming up over the trees on our morning ride through the Eastern Townships of Quebec!

The sun coming up over the trees on our morning ride through the Eastern Townships of Quebec!

What have I taken from the saying, TGIM? To me, it means that you should do what you love and not settle for less. This will help you have a fiery passion for your job. It is so important to find your passion as we all know it is very hard to do something you don't necessarily love doing. 

From Sunday to Saturday, Ryan and I are practicing on the ice 5 times a week. Before each ice session we have a 45 minute dryland workout. We go to the gym about three times per week to lift weights. We also bike and run at least once a week each. We also try and stretch about three times a week. We also have 12-13 hours in class each week and put many many many hours into building our company, Elite Performance Training even more! 

THIS is our passion, and each week it isn't like we check off 'completed' for each practice or workout. These aren't chores. Laundry is a chore, that's for sure, but what we do and have a passion for, is what we thrive to do each morning we wake up... even if it is 5am.  

"If you do what you love, you will never work a single day in your life."

Sean McAnuff

Introduction to Supplements - Protein, Creatine, BCAA's

An athlete at a high level is always looking for something to bring them to the next level. Once you have your workout plan and nutrition down pat, proper supplementation may be that thing to bring you to the next level. Supplements are not necessary to build muscle but they can certainly help in a variety of ways. If you have an absolute perfect diet, you likely do not need supplements, but most people find it hard to have enough protein or consume enough creatine for it to be effective which is where supplements can be handy.

There are countless numbers of supplements and supplement companies out there, but there are a certain few supplements that are the base.

The most common supplement and certainly the most researched is whey protein powder. Milk is undergoes cheese processing and whey is drained off and after ultrafiltration it becomes a whey protein concentrate, isolate or the highest quality; hydrolysate. Whey protein stimulates muscle protein synthesis and helps your muscles recover and adapt. Essentially, protein helps you get gains after a workout. Many athletes do not get enough protein each day which is another way that supplementation can help.

Another common supplement is creatine. It is a naturally occurring amino acid in meat and fish and it is made in humans by the liver, kidneys and pancreas. The media has somewhat portrayed this supplement to be bad in ways and there are people who think it is like a steroid. This is not true. Creatine works by increasing the amount of creatine and phosphocreatine in the muscle which is used to convert ADP into ATP (energy). Creatine has been shown in numerous studies that it may increase energy during high-intensity sets and increasing recovery between sets. There are many studies that have also shown that creatine may be involved in endurance athletes as well, such as increasing the lactate threshold.

The last supplement that I want to mention are Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s). This includes the amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine. BCAA’s have been shown to stimulate protein synsthesis and increase the synthesis of the cellular components responsible for actually starting protein synthesis. BCAA’s may also reduce the rate muscles are broken down, reduce DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) and reduce the amount of tryptophan in the brain.

These three supplements have been studied a lot and are perfectly safe to use year round. They are all naturally occurring and have been used by athletes for years and years.