About us

Ryan McAnuff

Ryan, 23

Education: BSc: Biology Health Science with a double major in Pre-Medicine and a minor in Psychology

Currently enrolled in first year of Medical School at University of Limerick

Favourite Exercise: Hamstring Curls

Hobbies: Road cycling, Ultimate Frisbee, rock climbing

My Motto: No alarm clock needed. My passion wakes me. 

 Sean McAnuff

Sean McAnuff

Sean, 21

Education: In my third year of a BSc in Biology at Bishop's University

Favourite Exercise: Hack Squats

Hobbies: Hiking, getting ice cream

My Motto: The humble will be crowned with true victory.


why we grind

When did you start speed skating?

We both started speed skating in 2003. Ryan was eight years old and Sean was six. 

Have you always been athletic/involved in sports?

Growing up in a family of four boys meant we were always active. We competitively played soccer, hockey, lacrosse, basketball, and volleyball. We also competed in cross country and track and field.

You're Canadian but you skate for Ireland?

Yes! We are actually dual citizens. For years, we had been in touch with the Ice Skating Association of Ireland and then in 2014, we were invited to coach the first ever speed skating camp in Dublin. After much hard work, the ISAI and our family helped start speed skating and gain ISU membership for Ireland. Following that, we were officially named to the national team and have competed for Ireland ever since!

How many times a week are you in the gym?

At one time, we would be in the gym up to seven times per week. However, now that we are focusing on speed skating, we are in the weight room three times per week.

How many times a week do you practice?

This number is always changing! But generally we are on the ice five to seven times per week during the season. We workout in the gym two times per week, do dryland workouts two to three times per week, and then cycle, run, stretch and do yoga a couple times per week too!

What's your off season training like?

In the off season, we are on the ice anywhere from two to ten times per week. We cycle four to five times per week, run a couple times per week, workout three times per week, do dryland two to three times per week and try to stretch everyday! The off season is when you should be working your hardest because you aren't competing!

What do you do for stretching? Cardio?

Sometimes we stretch on our own but usually we use ROMWOD.com, which provide daily stretching exercises. We do a wide variety of cardio programs. We love to switch up our workouts with long distance road cycling, running, sprint intervals and circuit training.

I'm new to the gym! Where do you recommend I start?

Check out our "Beginner Series" workouts in the Programs section of this website for workouts! Read up on our Blog for more info and advice on all things workout!

About EPT

Where did you get the idea to start EPT?

The idea for EPT started in January 2015, when we created our Instagram account to keep our friends and family updated on our workout journey. We were inspired by other accounts we've been longtime followers of, such as Gold Feet Global. Since then, @elite_performance_training has grown to over 22 thousand followers and since we constantly get asked for advice about everything fitness related, we decided to launch www.eliteperformancetraining.ca!

What camera do you film on? What do you use to edit?

We use the DJI Osmo+ and the Sony a5100 to film and sometimes the iPhone 8+. We edit all our videos on iMovie on a MacBook Pro.

What songs do you use in your Instagram videos?

Check out our Spotify account to find all the songs we use in our videos and some awesome workout playlists!


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